Where do I order?

The easieset way to order is via this website. You can also purchase through your nearest retailer.

How long does delivery take?

Please allow 2-3 business days for your RowSUP to ship.

Care & Maintenance

How do I properly store it?

If you have the inflatable RowSUP, be sure to fully deflate it and roll it up. Once rolled, place back in the board backpack it came in. Place the main rigging, collapsable rigger, and fin back in the canvas bag after storing the board. The paddle can also be stowed in its respective bag after being collapsed.

How do I keep it clean?

Rinsing the board and components with fresh water after use typically keeps things clean. For more aggressive cleaning, scrubbing with soap and water followed by a more thorough freshwater rinse will do.

What should I avoid?

Avoid storing your RowSUP in a damp environment with inadequate ventilation to prevent mold and other decay.

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